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Bridge to college

Classes in the Bridge to College program are classes that let you develop basic academic and technical skills while preparing for a career.

What are Bridge to College classes?

Bridge to College classes introduce foundational and engaging career knowledge helpful to current workers, career explorers and students interested in pursuing a degree in that field. Often tuition-free, or low-cost, these classes let you develop academic and technical skills while preparing for a career. Bridge to College classes are offered in the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Court Reporting/Stenograph
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Improve Basic Skills
  • Surveying & Geomatics
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Laser Tech Meet and Greet
  • Laser Technology

How do Bridge to College classes benefit me?

Bridge to College classes:

  • give you a head start on preparing for a new career
  • are offered at both adult school and community college campuses
  • are FREE to all students
  • may have NO cost for textbooks
  • offer flexible scheduling
  • are repeatable

The first step is to choose which program you would like to take and which school you would like to attend. Then contact the school to begin the enrollment process. Each school follows a slightly different process, but the steps may include the following:

  • Contact Transition Specialist.
  • Download non credit application.
  • Fill out required information.
  • Submit form to Student Services Center at community college or to Transition Specialist at adult school.